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The Steminist Movement @


Fighting the Gender Gap in STEM Through Education

"Inspiring the next generation of leaders in STEM isn't a moment, it's a movement."

The Steminist Movement, Inc. (TSM) is a national nonprofit organization that fights the STEM gender gap by creating and presenting STEM content to middle school girls. TSM initially began as an effort for the underprivileged girls in southwest Florida, and we are now reforming as college chapters, beginning with Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.


The Cornell University chapter of The Steminist Movement was founded in 2020, and served to unite a group of women in STEM who were passionate about making a difference in the Cornell community and beyond during the height of the pandemic. This is a registered student organization of Cornell University.


Our Executive Board (E-Board) is composed of four committees: Social, Enrichment, Outreach, and Publicity. The committees host programming to promote The Steminist Movement’s core values of education, community-building, and outreach.


We strive to increase accessibility to STEM education through hosting professor talks on campus, hosting events in the greater Ithaca area, and creating educational content for The Steminist Movement, Inc.'s nationwide STEM workshops. We work to develop a community of Women in STEM at Cornell through our professional development events, social events, and outreach events.

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